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woman in a shoe   in reply to bolegs
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for years. I can not tell u what to do but what i just was reading what u posted if it was me i would have been on my way out way before now i understand u love him but he much not love u if hes got another woman with a baby on the way.
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I'm in a relationship thats been on for 10yrs he cheated on me and now she pregnant and get ready to have the baby but it worries me so bad and very stressed he don't know if its his baby but she convinced him that it his he want to stay in this relationship but i stressed and worry so now he want to put it on pause . i think that i should just let go but i love him but i feel i should let go
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Blessed1!   in reply to godhelpplease
No matter what you have done or what you are doing now God loves you. I am sure this probably hard for you to believe right now but He created you with a great purpose and plan in mind before you were even born. The devil has lied to you and made you believe you are not worth loving. I am here to say that you are worth loving! I pray that right where you are that you would cryout to the Lord with a sincere heart and ask him to come into your heart and save you and begin to heal you.He is waiting for you with open arms! You are His beloved! There is no greater love you can experience than His love-trust me, I know! You will not find true love until you understand your value and worth and learn to love yourself and that only comes when we allow God to love us they we were intended to be loved. I pray you find the strength also to find a local church and let them help u help. You need to be around people that love and serve the Lord! My prayers are with you. Let Jesus be your healer, your everything! In His name, Amen.
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SisterServant   in reply to godhelpplease
You need to work your 12 steps if you want your life to change, beginning with step one.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to godhelpplease
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sents 2009. Maybe if u quite useing u would get a good man that really loves u and want beat u. I have never uses put i have new a few people that did u got to love your self before anybody else will love u and not abuse u and beat u. Hope this helps u.
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i am in a program and i lost my aparetment due to drugs i have nothing left not even a phone i am so lost and i live with over twenty persons with the same addiction will i ever be happy will i ever find the right man to love and care for me without abusing me oe taking advantage of me i am 58 and i have nothing i repeatly get into relationships where i get dumped because of my addiction and they use as well help me please i need advice and solutions i am so lost and alone and the man i was with in the end he beat me and abused me as well why do i conitue do fall in love with men with men who leave me and abuse me and i am still in live with him why
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That is a very true poem let everything out and don't hold anything back,loved the poem.
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jescah hellen
Its so helpful to me because i was so much holding on my past, and through this poem i have learn that i should let it go and to let the by gone to be the by gone.
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This is a hard saying as I know you know, but it is true. I will remember this and read it again. I am at the point of letting yesterday go and hang on in there for today. Thanks, Eloise!
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TNL   in reply to sithuba
Just pray and ask god to lead you in the right direction. He is the one to guide your steps.ive gone through so much and realized that I have to step back and let god handle it
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sithuba   in reply to TNL
Same situation
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Can you help me. Am confused about who to marry.
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SisterServant   in reply to TNL
Be patient and never forget, no matter what is going on that God loves you. Keep talking to God everyday and He will show you the way and bless you with more than you expect. It takes a lot for us to let go, but once we do and learn to trust God, things improve. This has been my experience. It took me forever to let go, but finally I got it! It is about trust.
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TNL   in reply to SisterServant
Thanks for the encouraging words! I know that all things work together for good for those who love The Lord.. Only he knows so I am learning to let go and let god. I have to take the back seat and let him lead
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SisterServant   in reply to TNL
Keep trusting God and keep thanking Him every day (for small and big things)and you will see how much better your life will become. God will continue to show you His Love. God is full of surprise. It took me a while to learn this, but I am so glad that I did.
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Wow! I just read this for the first time. Powerful msg. I'll have to mark this in the Bible and reread it again and again. This is a tough one for me. My mind replays the past over and over. Like a bad tape on rewind and it's mainly the bad part. I don't know why. I love where I am physically. The state, my house, etc. I am re-building. I am making new friends. God is in control. Yet, the pain is still there. The memories crash through. This is a tough one. I needed this today. I am glad I found it. Please pray for me to Let It Go!
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TNL   in reply to littlelacie
Thank you! That is so true .. I just always try to remind myself that there is people out there that go through way worse and to be thankful for everything that I do have and not put so much focus on what I don't and to trust god!
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littlelacie   in reply to TNL
We have all been through that. I don't know why men have to be that way. You have a wonderful sweet little person that is more precious than all the men in the world.He is healthy and safe and you are the center of his world. Don't let some man decide if you are going to feel bad today. Phooey!! Don't let him steal more joy.
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TNL   in reply to LifeisGood
Your post means a lot to me! Even though it wasn't meant for me I can def relate
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